The best thing about being friends with other actors

I love acting, both as a performer and as an audience member.  So, getting to see my friends perform is easily one of my favorite things, and lately I have been able to see performances on every level, live, on camera, tv, film, stage.  More tonight.  SO much fun!!!!


Thanks to SG casting, National Conservatory, Jim, Bill, Jason, Marnie, Sylvia, the gargoyles at the front desk, Michelle, the lovely gimp, and everyone at the studio today!



Thanks to John (see you in the shadows of TAVA), OnlyCh1ld, Sam, Cactus, Mt Stewards, my favorite lawyer, DPAC, DCA, and all the many possibilities these lovely people are bringing my way!


Happy Work

So much happy work happening right now.  Thanks to Kathryn Grant for some new contacts, my friend John for the consultation (with congratulations on the new, definitive book), Pat for the guidance, Jenni for just being the greatest New York based actress, ever, and to Kate and Brian for the inspiration and warmth.  Meridith dons the beehive for me by the end of the week, and great work and growth across the pond at Raindance and beyond.  Can't wait for the great things ahead, here and abroad.


From Jamin Wayins

From the man behind "SPIN" and "11:59" comes,  THE FRAME

along with "husbands" past Marty and Anthony, Meghan, and Raphael!  Good work everyone!!!