Thanks for a busy week of possibility

Thanks Michelle, Carol, and Rob as always, everyone in casting, Ashley, John, Ann, Lisa, Jenn, and all the consideration for some great projects!  Hoping to see you and very soon!


Thanks for the (busy) time in the studio today - Matt, Jess, Jenn, and Lisa!!!  Fun to be part of the energy and color!


auditions, etc

Thanks to PMIC, Great Plains, the untitled Christmas project, and DC prod for the consideration!


Ferrarri Films

Thanks for the opportunity today to play a couple of scenes!  And to Jim and Michelle as well!


the week wrapped

It was greet meeting and working with everyone this week!  Thanks to Michelle, Cactus, S.G. Casting, my fellow "Flyers", Charter Media, Broadmoor, Kevin, Jeff, Chris, Mark, Justin, Adrianna and on a personal note, Mark, Sam, the multiplying squaws, my Brit family, Francesca, and the very patient help at ACE. Only one more trip to the airport, tomorrow night!

photo credit: Kevin Syms