Busy, busy, busy...

From one side of the country to the other, what a time it's been!

Many thanks for the consideration, support, possibilities and a few wonderful "comes to fruitions". SO blessed with the support of - Michele, Marnie, Rose, Dick for all the hard work, Rob and Carol and everyone at Maximum.  Annie for the patience and playing phone tag. Jenni and Cesca for the skype love. To Di and Nic and my LA family. BeFilm, BerlinShorts, Aspen and Palm Springs for their consideration, Greg, Alex, my friends at SWSX, Future Proof, good thoughts sent out to Symbiosis for killer development possibilities, and to "The Water King" for its semi-final placement in Screenwriting/Feature Drama at NAFF.  Congratulations on the premiere of "Brainstormers" to Ryan and Bill and thanks for inviting me to the party! A hop across the pond to the UK in APRIL for some dancing in the rain.


we're at it again

Thanks AtlantaShorts Fest, SOHO, TIFF for the consideration!  Looking to the future with Greg, Alex, Noof, and Future Proof Films


week behind/week ahead

Thanks to Annie, Carol, Walk the Line, Danny, Toyota, looking forward to plans made heading East and West in March, and thanks to everyone in New York, London, SSF, Cannes, for short consideration and Greg for his patience.

Good Luck Francesca!

Congrats to John for the PBS documentary!


Busy week

Many Thanks to Ferrari Films for your consideration and patience, to Civilian, Hamilton, John Annie, Ashley, Rose Greg, Glen, everyone in the room and the patience and support.  Have a great weekend!


Help most appreciated

From Cannes Short Film, Brooklyn Short Film, Tropicana, Tribeca, Actors Access, Breakdown, Tracy and Blair, and everyone at Maximum.


A great week of submissions, consideration, callbacks, new contacts, great conversations, and some truly amazing screenings.  Thanks to Michelle, Carol, Dick, Rocky, Abe, Jerry, Doug, Adam, Reed, Kim , Nicholas, FX, Jennifer, Garage Film and BMW, and everyone in casting.

Rudi's Bakery

Photographer Jennifer Olson: