Ferrarri Films

Thanks for the opportunity today to play a couple of scenes!  And to Jim and Michelle as well!


the week wrapped

It was greet meeting and working with everyone this week!  Thanks to Michelle, Cactus, S.G. Casting, my fellow "Flyers", Charter Media, Broadmoor, Kevin, Jeff, Chris, Mark, Justin, Adrianna and on a personal note, Mark, Sam, the multiplying squaws, my Brit family, Francesca, and the very patient help at ACE. Only one more trip to the airport, tomorrow night!

photo credit: Kevin Syms


Thanks for a great week

To Toree, Luke, Amanda 1&2, Shanna, Curt, Tim, Scott, everybody on both units, the Gents for the cherries and hospitality. It was great working with Ryan and Robert and Cindy, as ever Rob and Michelle and Bill and Paula for doing everything to make it call work.  Tony, Paul, WLM, SW, UHC, and the sweet guy at the Best Western front desk who said he wouldn't give me a 3:15 wake up call because it was too early.  Sweet.


Lovely and amazing and busy week

I want to take a minute to thank everybody who's worked with me, seen me, met with me, and considered me this busy week.  Particularly today Sylvia and the award-nominated Sam, and everyone from SW.  To Rob and Michelle for helping me make all these possibilities work, to Carol for the encouragement, and to Paula for the belief and an enthusiasm and humor.  To Ashley for working so hard and her beautiful heart, to John for the ever helpful direction, everyone from UCH, all the directors and writers and photographers, and good wishes to Annie who is missed while out with footie surgery. And great work to Greg for the new short!  Looking forward to working with everybody next week!  Great way to start the Summer!