From the filmmaker behind 11:59

Congratulations Jamin Wayins!!!

THE FRAME available for download at iTunes, Amazon and directly from the source!

Double Edge Films


Thanks for today

Thanks so Nicole, Jenn, Jen, Mark, Susan, Julia, Kenneth, Jacqueline, and everybody from Rudi's and Rob for the everything on the shoot today. YUM!!



A huge thank you to Ashley, John, Annie, Michelle, North Castle, and everyone who helped in the consideration of "In the Way" and "Before and After"!!!


big shout out

To Jon, Cheryl, Greg, and Steve for everything today -- the hands on research, the photography, the stories, the nicknames, the education, and the opportunities.  Writer/actress/associate producer/press and marketing/consultation (in two directions).  Creativity a-flying along with those prayers floating for 800 years.


Head Start on Christmas

Thanks to Jack, Jake, Rob, Adam, Megan, Diana and Laura, and of course one cute little baby M for everything on the shoot last night (very late to very early)!!  Looking forward to see how it turns out!